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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Road Trip To "Who Knows"

Skippy took us out today and didn't tell us where we were going. First, he took us out to lunch for pizza at Anthony's Pizzaria. YUMMMY!!!! And what service.....AWESOME!
(picture of pizza is courtesy of photobucket.com)

After lunch, we went to a little down called Dayton, where they have a little farmer's market that I just LOVE! It is filled with wonderful things from food to country items to paintings to books.
In the parking lot they have this neat, working windmill.

Skippy also got a TREAT when we arrived. Look at those motorcycles!

I can honestly say he was in "HOG HEAVEN!" lol

Dayton has a good population of Mennonite. I loved the horse and buggy.

A lot of shops in this market were run by Mennonites.

Look at these yummy chocolates

This is my favorite store, The Cheese Cupboard. They have anything you could possibly want in this little store. I like to buy my yeast here. Skippy will always buy a bottle of their Birch Beer. It is WONDERFUL!

I love all the soup and baking mixes they have here.

There were many other shops in this market as well. See all the knick knacks?

We had such a wonderful day! Thank you, Skippy...........YOU DAH MAN!


Martha said...

So cruel for you to wave those chocolates in my face :o) that's it, I am going to have my husband give your husband a call so he can get a few pointers on how to spoil me rotten ;) "Laura rotten" :D

Goose Hill Farm said...

ROFLOL! I believe you already have my number! :> )

Wish you were here...you could have gone with us!

Sending ((((HUGS)))) across the miles, sweet Birdie! :> )