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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

OMGosh.......Are You Serious?

The other day I received a notice in the mail that I was overdrawn, due to a debit transaction. So this morning, I went to the bank to get it all straightened out. I spent about a 1/2 hour there with whom I must say, was one of the nicest bank tellers I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Now that doesn't mean that my EXPERIENCE there was nice....just the teller!

After numerous calls to the main branch, we found out that about two weeks ago, when I purchased a hot chocolate and a pumpkin spiced cappuccino, I used my debit card. (umm...this, I already knew!) When I made this transaction, I apparently only had $1.99 in my account, and the coffees came to $2.16, thereby making me $.17 cents short. Well, when this happened, the bank IMMEDIATELY charged me an overdraft fee of $35.00, which then made my account even MORE in the negative. So, when the next two debit transactions that came through, there was NOTHING and I mean NOTHING, in the bank to cover them.

Well, to make this story short and not to make me want to run to the little girls room and be sick.....my $2.16 cent coffee transaction ended up costing me a WHOPPING $99.75 cents. OMGosh......ARE YOU SERIOUS? For that price, I would have wanted it served to me in bed in gold coffee mugs, while a strapping Norwegian man named SIG, showered me with an armload of wildflowers and chocolate!


Martha said...



How did that coffee taste? Like a hundred bucks?

I enjoyed how you used your baby picture to support your blog post, loved your hair!

(runs away and ducks for cover)

Andrea said...

Hope your coffee was "really" good.

Blessings and prayers, andrea

Andrea said...

Just went to follow you on twitter and realized where you live. I am in Richmond and will be visiting at Skyland Lodge the first week of November. It's a small world.
GOD BLESS, andrea

Anonymous said...

Online or telephone banking is great for this little mishap! :( UGH! God bless you!