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Monday, October 26, 2009

My Skippy Man............

..............IS NUTS! And I say that with lots of LOVE! It was in the low 30's with FrOsT on the ground when Skippy left for work this morning. He has a 40 minute drive, up and over the mountain, where it gets even colder! And would you believe he was riding his MOTORCYCLE?
Can you say.........C R A Z Y!!! lol

Fortunately for him, it has turned out to be a BEAUTIFUL day here. But then again I'm sure he knew that and that's WHY he rode! :> )

My Skippy Man..................gotta love him!


Andrea said...

We visited the mountains yesterday. It was beautiful, but getting really cold by the time we left.
Blessings, andrea

Manuela said...

Hello Laura!
How are you?
The chicken soup was so good!!
Knowing how much is healthy, I'm feeling better!

There is an Award for you at my blog!

Lucy Pevensie said...

That is NUTS when it's icy out. :) I'm glad it cleared up. Did you have a good time with Goose? :)