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Monday, October 5, 2009

Just Thinking

"Little sisters are the crab grass in the lawn of life. "
~Charles M. Schultz~

I have been thinking a lot about cheesecake my baby sister today, being that it was her 50th 41st birthday and all. I try not to remember so vividly the day my parents brought IT her home from the hospital in our new convertible Corvette old blue station wagon. I was outside on the hill reeking havoc playing nicely when they came around the corner and up the road. CRUD! YES! My new toy baby sister is here!

After they got her all settled, I remember looking down at her, so tiny and alien like cute thinking.......I'M IN SO MUCH TROUBLE!!!! :> 0

But on a more serious note, I have been thinking a lot about Cathy today. Her husband works nights so I invited her and the kids to come over for her birthday and I would make her dinner and dessert, whatever she wanted. Unfortunately, the poor thing has had to deal with 2 kids and a hubby, all sick with the flu. NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! That is NOT the way you are supposed to spend your birthday, Cath. Did anyone tell F., Nemo, and Boog that? I think not!

So Cathy.......if you are reading this..........You and I are going to have a "Girls Afternoon Out" and have lunch somewhere.....WITHOUT our kids and husbands!

I hope they all feel better soon so we can REALLY celebrate your BIRTHDAY!!!!



Andrea said...

Happy Birthday, Cathy. As I read this post it made me think of my baby sister. She was killed at age 17 (20 years ago) and I always wonder what she would be doing if she were alive, today. It has been twenty years and she is still never more than a thought away. I am thankful she walks the streets with her Heavenly Father, but selfishly sad that I can not spend a birthday or any day with her for now.
I pray you and Cathy will cherish each moment of your afternoon out. Do something extra special....You never know when it may be the last special day you share.
Hugs and prayers, andrea

Anonymous said...

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