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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

For Little 'Ole Me?

"I would like to thank the Academy....ahem...I mean....."I would like to thank G*L*O*W Academy, for this very prestigious award!

My sweet, God loving, easy-going, compassionate, caring, html helping, template making, purple hating, friend loving, blog posting, SON and HUSBAND LOVING, photo shrinking, crock pot using, French Vanilla coffee drinking (I knew we were kindred spirits!), photo bucket surfing, cherry cheesecake eating, friend, Renee, gave me this precious award.

THANK YOU, RENEE! I will wear it with honor! :> )

The rules for accepting this award are fairly simple.....

I am to tell you six things about myself that you don't know and then award it to six other gorgeous bloggers.

Hmmmm.............I don't know I can think of 6 things that you all would LIKE to know! lol

1. I am probably one of the most UNORGANIZED people you will EVER meet! Although I try really hard NOT to show it! Wait....does that then make me "somewhat organized" in a weird, demented sort of way?

2. I dye my hair..............NOT! Are you reading this, oh siblings of mine?

3. I play the alto horn

4. I massage my cats feet....they LOVE IT! And NO, I'm not a freak! ROFLOL!

5. I am a photography NUT, however, photographer and my name will NEVER be used in the same sentence! LOL

6. I LOVE having a nice hot cup of French Vanilla coffee while chatting with my Heavenly Father on my front porch!

Now to pass it on.....

Bevy @ Dreaming of Peace

Terry @ Just Call Me Grammy

Martha @ Fly Away Birdie

Kat @ Art's Chili Pepper

Andrea @ Arise 2 Write

Stephanie @ Living On HIS Terms


Renee' said...

LOL, Thats Funny and Cute :)


Jacob chose this for you just now

Martha said...

Aw, I am so honored to receive this award (waves to invisible audience) thank you little people for making it happen for me :)

I love your blog, yay you finally figured out. You loved me so much that you used my birth year (1986) in honor of me :o) so sweet ((winks))

I drink my coffee with french vanilla too!!! I'm hooked!!

chili pepper said...

I about burst out laughing at your description of Renee. How very clever you are!

I am in the same photography boat with you but you said it so eloquently. I would say something like, I take a thousand pictures (yes literally) a month but only two of them are good enough to print.

Coffee and some prayer time with the King is one of my favorite private times, too. Only I like good old fashioned stuff with some half and half.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful honor with me. I will enjoy sharing it around the good old world of blog... if I can possibly think of six interesting things about myself!