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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Found Treasures

I went to The Salvation Army Thrift Store the other day and look what I found........cool, huh? And it was only $2.99. What a bargain! I have made it before in a regular pan but it always looks so blah. No blah shortbread will be coming from my kitchen again! lol

I LOVE shortbread, as does my M-I-L. With the holidays coming up, I wanted to make some special just for her. It will so pretty cut up into squares and nicely decorated. I think I will put it in a basket along with a tea cup and saucer, some flavored teas, and maybe even an infuser.

Oooops, perhaps I shouldn't have said that. She does check here from time to time! LOL


RenJac said...
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Martha said...

Oh my, it looks like you scored some serious goodies!! I love your new layout, it always feel like HOME SWEET HOME to me!! <3 Missed you!