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Monday, September 21, 2009

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaack! lol

I have been away this past week babysitting my grand-furbaby, Bailey. Isn't she adorable? :> ) I just love being a grandma. I have two of the CUTEST grand-furbabies around. YES, I AM BIASED! lol

I love it that Boo Boos LOVES to sleep with me (especially when it's C-O-L-D!!. She climbs up and sits on the pillow until I get comfortable. Then when I lift up the blanket, she slips down underneath and curls up on my arm under my chin. AWWW! During the night she likes to switch sides and lets you know that by sitting right at the top of your head, on your pillow, and WAITS for you to situate yourself and lift the blanket! lol It's the funniest thing to watch!

Over the weekend we had the honor of attending the 6th birthday of my close friend Gena's daughter, Anni. She is the most adorable little girl with the sweetest smile you have ever seen! She is a ballerina princess!
Here she is blowing out her candles on her beautiful birthday cake her mommy made. (I have such talented friends!)

Here, the kids had just pulled the string on the pinata that let all the candy out. Are those TOOTSIE ROLLS I SEE..........YUMM! Not only did they get the candy that was inside the pinata, but mommy and Aunt Toni threw two other bags of candy up in the air as well! lol
Can you say "SUGAR RUSH!" lol

Here's Kiddo doing what he does best. He says he is the Nintendo Master and he ROCKS video games! As you can see, he has a blocked in captive audience. I see his victim friend is sitting in the middle where there is NO ESCAPE!! lol Smart cookie!

Gotta love him! And boy, do I! He is MY WORLD!!

I just love this picture I took of the girls playing in the tires. What BEAUTIFUL girls they are....inside and out!

It was a wonderful week and a glorious weekend. Food, fun, friends, and family......what more could you ask for!


homeschool101 said...

Such wonderful pictures. Oh by the way HOOOOOOOORRRRAAAAAYYYYYY LAURA IS BACK! You were missed by your fellow blogging friends. Glad you are back safe and sound. Looks like you had a blast. Blessings friend!

Bevy said...

Looks like LOTS of fun and YESH a sugar RUSH for sure. :)