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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Company's Coming

UPDATE: My brother got sick and couldn't come....WAAAAHHHH! :> (

I have been cleaning all day long like a mad , crazy woman. My brother Chris, will be arriving tomorrow and will be staying with us until Sunday.

He is flying in from Onolaska, TX where he has lived for about 3 years now and he just LOVES IT!

Chris was recently laid off and decided that while he is free to roam about the cabin unemployed, he would take this time to come and visit my sister Cathy and I for a bit!

As you can see from the picture, my brother is FREAKISHLY LARGE very tall. He stands 7'1" and when he sits down in a folding chair, he hands knuckles hit the ground! :> 0 ROFLOL!

I love to pick on my brother and he loves to pick on me, thereby leaving some unsuspecting victim alone!

I know we will have a wonderful time while he is here so I am hoping we will have some great pics to show for it!



Bevy said...

Okay - Laura - check out the beginnings of the granny (smith oops) square afghan - it's the second post down from the top - I think. ;) LOL!

E @ Scottsville said...


I'm so sorry I haven't been around blogland much lately. We've had a bit of a crisis in our family and I'm kinda going on 'auto-pilot' at the moment.

I hope to be back around soon enough, but until then...


Bevy said...

Hey Laura - you are HILARIOUS about the lasagne thingy. I think that eating WHILE surfing in the bloggy world is a GREAT idea. It was delish! Thanks for your words of encouragement on the afghan & lasagne .... :) God bless you!

Hope said...

Hi Laura,

This is not his car, is it???


Renee' said...

rofl Love the 2nd Pic :)