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Saturday, July 11, 2009

What's Up Today?

On Saturdays, my sister Cathy, takes her kids to Karate class. They just LOVE IT! Thankfully, they have a wonderful instructor. What I think is great, is that the class lasts for 2 hours. WOW! I thought classes were only 1/2 hour? At least that's how it is at the fitness centers in our town!

Well, Kiddo has shown an interest in going, so we are going to tag along and take them up on there FREE (my favorite word) session. After that, we may have a picnic in the park.

So, with water bottle and camera in hand...............WE'RE OFF!

What's Up Today for YOU?


Sally said...

So, how did he like it and how was the picnic??

Mocha Momma said...

Hope Kiddo liked the class and that you got some pics to share.

We went to our local annual street fest. It was hot, but fun. I cooled off in the kids water park at the end of the day.

See my post for July 11th.

E @ Scottsville said...

Hope they enjoyed their free class. Are they gonna keep it up??