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Friday, July 3, 2009

Sugar Cookie Cake

I found this recipe last year for Sugar Cookie Cake. When I read the ingredients, I knew I just HAD to make it. It is really easy and I just love that it has fresh, sweetened fruit in it. I used the blueberries we just picked last Saturday....OM"Goodness!" Don't you just wish you could reach into your monitor and take a bite? Mmmmmm....so delicious!

I made it again this afternoon and we had it for dessert tonight with Goose and Tang at our weekly family dinner. After Tang ate his and brought his plate into the kitchen he said, "You can never have too much of THAT!" For him to say that about something is far and few between. What an awesome compliment from my son-in-law! :> )

I hope you get a chance to make this dessert for the 4th.............you won't be disappointed! To enlarge the recipe, just click on the picture.



Bevy said...

Can you email a piece of it in an attachment? ;) Yummmm!

Renee' said...

:( Hard to read

Goose Hill Farm said...

If you click on the picture, Renee...it will enlarge the recipe for you!

Bevy, if that would work, I would send you a piece straight-away! :D

Blessings, Ladies~

Manuela said...

What a cake! Can you email a piece of it in an attachment also for me? ;)

Happy week end!