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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Needles for the Needy

A few weeks ago I came upon Martha's blog, Fly Away Birdie, while I was hopping around. She had a giveaway going on, "With Strings Attached," and the lucky winner would receive a "wonderful" pamper package. Unfortunately for me, I didn't win :>(

In order to participate in her giveaway, you had to answer one of three questions, and to find the answers, you were sent to two different blogs. The first one was "Apples of Gold Ministries", a womens devotion site designed to 'Bring encouraging words to a discouraging world. I have found some wonderful tools and LOTS of encouragement there. Great site!

The second was, Needles for the Needy. This blog was started by three deaf ladies who wanted to help provide warmth to the poor by crocheting blankets for a homeless shelter, The Jesus Center. There are approximately 60 in the shelter that are in dire need of warm blankets by winter time. They were looking for volunteers to help by donating an afghan, yarn, or needles. Now I can sew, but crocheting has never really been a favorite past-time of mine. I have tried making one before but I always manage to come up with some sort of "thing" that was crooked or twisted, and I NEVER ended up with the same amount of stitches that I started with. LOL So, needless to say, I put away my hook and yarn, never to have picked them up again....until now. This cause has been in my thoughts ever since I was lead to their site. God has put it upon my heart to make an afghan and to tell as many people as I can about this wonderful ministry. Here is a picture of the one I am working on. So far, everything is turning out right! YES! I have 3 afghan commitments so far from my friends here and I am going to suggest this to our Womens Ministry to see if there are any volunteers there as well . My sweet friend Daisy, is in NY visiting her family and she is asking them all to participate as well. WOO HOO, you go girl!

If you would like to participate and make an afghan, or would rather help by donating yarn or crochet hooks, please visit their site and let them know you would like to volunteer!


E @ Scottsville said...

What an awesome site to find! Isn't the bloggy world pretty amazing? Yes, the internet can be used for bad, but it sure can also be used for GOOD. =0)

Goose Hill Farm said...

Amen to that, Erica! I have been amazed at what wonderful things, as well as so much encouragement, I have been able to find on the blogs of such sweet ladies.

Also, the seeds of some life-long friendships have been sown as well.

God us truly working in blog-land!

homeschool101 said...

Laura this sounds naa. I can't crochet a link. Lol. Your doing great job. Keep up great work. Haven't been on lot will check back shortly. Keep up great work.

Martha said...

Aw, you're such a sweetie! Thank you for spreading the word, it is so greatly appreciated and I am so blessed to have met you in the blog world :)

Now you won't believe this but I actually made a blanket with the SAME colours, it looks identical! We have fabulous taste ;)