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Monday, July 6, 2009

It's A Jungle Out There........

.....literally, in my back yard. Now normally I just LOVE to be outside and mow the grass. I get my bottle of water, my glasses and my iPod, crank up the Phillips, Craig, and Dean and I'm on my way.....cuttin' and a tannin'! However, this past week for some reason, I just have NOT been able to get myself motivated to mow the lawn. I have found a gazillion reasons NOT to and a baziliion things I think I should do instead.

So, the other day I made an executive decision.....find SOMEONE ELSE to mow it for me. I put out an ad to see if there was ANYONE out there interested in taking on this daunting normally delightful task. I asked for pictures of them mowing their lawn so I could see how well theirs looked, instead of calling to set up an interview.

I am having a hard time picking the one I think that will do the job right. Perhaps you have a suggestion? Who would YOU pick to mow your lawn? Here are the submissions that I received:

Hmmm......I don't think she would last long. The breeze would mess up her hair and then she would have to go inside to fix it where she would probably need to use my curlers or flat iron, and then she would need some hairspray, and then while in the medicine closet getting that out she would see my nail polish and have to paint her fingers and toes and then.......... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Not a good choice!

Awwwww...........cute but I don't want to go to jail for having an underaged driver using my vehicle

AAAHHH!!!!! He is a little bit too SCARY for me.......


WOW.....that would take FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man......if I can borrow his mower I'll do it myself!

Hellooooooo there!!!!! Hmmmmmm.........................easy on the eyes, probably wouldn't take more than a couple of glasses of sweet tea, maybe even a sandwich or two.....but not quite sure what Skippy would say to THAT one! ROFLOL!

Ahhh, here we go. I think I like this one the best. No need to fill with gas which is good on my wallet, no need to feed as they are already eating, and it is good for the environment in more ways than one.

Well.......that wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. Now if I can just convince Skippy to buy me those sheep, we'll be in business!


E @ Scottsville said...

Ha ha ha, I bet the sheep would leave you a few little presents of their own in your yard. Course that makes for great fertilizer. =0)

Cute post!

Goose Hill Farm said...

Thank you, Erica! (she says smiling) I would so prefer to have sheep or goats to mow my lawn. The advantages would be MANY! lol


homeschool101 said...

That was cute Laura. Great chuckle I got out of that one. I soooo needed it. Thanks!

Goose Hill Farm said...

Glad I could help, Tiff! :D