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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

Hope @ over at My Hope Is In The Lord has passed this Honest Scrap award on to me. Thank you, Hope. I am honored! If you get a chance, go on over and meet Hope. She is a sweet woman of faith who loves the Lord and her family deeply. She is a wonderful story teller and a great artist. I LOVE reading her blog. Always encouraging, always down-to-earth, always has pictures, always HOPE!! I am blessed to have met her in the blogging world!

In accepting this award, I need to do the following:

1) Say thank you to the presenter of the award and link back to them (check)
2) Share 10 honest things about yourself (check)
3) Present this award to 7 8 other people whose blogs you find brilliant in content and/or design, or those who have encouraged me. (check)
4) tell those 7 people that they've been awarded HONEST SCRAP and inform them of these guidelines in receiving it. (doing that now)

Ok....that seems easy enough....I think?

1) I AM A CHILD OF GOD! I love the Lord with all my heart and am amazed everyday by all the blessings he has bestowed upon my family and I

2) I am from a family of 8 children....5 girls and 3 boys. I am number 7 in the line-up and we range in age from our oldest brother turning 57 on Wednesday, to our youngest sister turning 41 this October.

3) I have an addiction.....I am a closet LOL CATS lover!

4) When I was 7, I wanted to use deodorant like my older brothers and sisters, but my mom wouldn't let me, saying I was too young and didn't need it. However, I thought differently. So I went and got a can of deodorant to spray on underneath my armpits, only to find out that it WASN'T deodorant, but a can of............PURPLE SPRAY PAINT! Yup, you read that right......PURPLE SPRAY PAINT! ROFLOL! At least I can laugh about it........now!

5) I have my Career Studies Certificate in Sign Communication and worked for the public school system as a Teaching Assistant/Interpreter in the Special Education Department

6) I play the alto horn and was a member of the Divisional Youth Timbrels for The Salvation Army. I am not in this video as I could not find one that I was in, but wanted to give you a glimpse of what we did all those (ahem) 20-something years ago

7) I am a DEADLIEST CATCH fan and am NOT ashamed to admit it! Go, Sig!!!

8) I picked up a hitch-hiker ONCE and will NEVER do it again! My friend at the time, thought it would be a nice idea, which it was for about a nano-second. I will never forget the feeling of TERROR I had the entire time, not knowing if I would make our 2 mile drive out alive. (insert physcho shower scene music here)

9) I don't like FEET! EEEWW! Don't ask me to spend a girl's day at the spa having pedicures. BLECH....I just can't do it! I know.....WeIrD!

10) I am 6'1". We grow BIG in our family! Six out of the eight of us are all over 6' tall. the other tow are runts! LOL

Ok. let's see who the next lucky victims contestants shall be:


Bevy said...

So HOW many cats do you HAVE? Or is that Have you? ;)
Purple paint??? :) I'm sure you saw my Honest Scraps - SORRY I didn't name you I thot you already did it ... silly me. :)

Mocha Momma said...

Thanks Laura, I will work on the challenge you have given me.

I knew you were tall, but I didn't think over 6 ft. Most of your family too, wow!

Sign language assistant for special ed. class...that is neat. I've got a friend here that teaches in the schools. Her hubby is deaf. It's pretty neat to watch them. He reads lips though so I can talk to him too.

Purple spray paint on the armpits...now that is epic. I just laughed hard about that one.

Had a fun 4th. Pictures later.
Take care,

Martha said...

Purple spray can?

Err, I shall call you "Barney Armpits" from now on :D

My husband watches "Deadliest Catch" eeevery single day :o) he has it on DVR on both televisions oy!

Shh, don't tell him but I like the show too ;) but poor crabs, runn.. runn crabbies!!

Oh, thank you for tagging me. You're a lovely pal who finds entertainment in making me a victim :P luv ya!

Hope said...


That video was fun! I like the innocent girlish dance routine. It is nice not being offended by to much “body language” in the performance. I am not big on sitting and watching women dancing in front of my husband.

6’ tall…towering siblings. I would LIKE to be taller. I have noticed that weight on taller women often does not look like weight at all…they balance it out so well. THAT would work for me!

I guess you would not like to wash feet as Jesus did…I would not mind some, but some I would feel kinda awkward about.


Hope said...

Oh yeah, thanks for all the WAY too sweet things you wrote about me, dear Laura. You are very kind!


Goose Hill Farm said...

Sweet Hope~

Writing sweet things about you is EASY! And yes, I would wash the feet of Jesus without hesitation. However, it is not something I would just run up and do to someone, but if asked, I would!

Thank you for stopping by. It is always a pleasure when you visit! :D