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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Flowers From A Friend

FLOWERS......I just LOVE 'em! Aren't these flowers beautiful? If you would like your own bouquet, head on over to Bevy's @ Southern Oregon Dreamin'. She is such a sweetie and is sharing these with all her friends in blog-land. I know she would love it if you stopped on by to say hi!

Hmmmm.....Do you think if I scratched my monitor hard enough I could actually smell these? I'll bet I could make millions if I could come up with a "scratch-n-sniff" monitor! LOL


Sally said...

Your flowers are quite lovely!! A scratch and sniff monitor is a good idea but I wouldn't want one. I see too many oh so yummy recipes and I'm trying so desperately to lose weight....it just wouldn't be pretty...LOL!!

Anonymous said...


What a nice, friendly, and warm comment you made about these flowers from Bevy. They are lovely!


E @ Scottsville said...

Oh, a scratch & sniff monitor WOULD be cool! =0)

Get starte on that.... you'll be RICH if you get it to work.