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Sunday, July 19, 2009

At The Park

Today was another busy day. We had Sunday School this morning, followed by the morning worship service. Then it was off to the ball field for another day of tournament play.

After taking a bunch more pictures, I was able to sit for a bit and have lunch with I mean sit near well, at least be within 100 feet of, my darling Skippy. He has been so busy for the past month getting things ready for this tournament, that we have not had much time to really sit with each other. I will miss the kids when this is over, however, I will very much enjoy being able to spend some "quality" time with my DH and Kiddo.

After lunch, my sister Cathy called and asked if we wanted to go with her and the kids to the park. What a great idea. Little did we know that my friend, Debbi was going to be there as well. The kids had a wonderful time playing while the "girls" just sat around and laughed and talked. Then it was off to Flotzie's for chocolate covered ice cream cones. (Deb has those pics) DELISH! What a way to end a relaxing afternoon with such special people!


Anonymous said...

Hello Laura!
What fun! It sounds like a pleasant day.

E @ Scottsville said...

Relaxing days at the park are always SOOOO nice! Especially when friends and family are included. Yay!

homeschool101 said...

Hey Laura,
How are you. I havent been on few days, lots going on. Hey I am going to do that contest. Its for the spellquizzer program. If you know any others schoolers you think would get into the contest please send them along. Sign up anytime now thru opening, Starts on mon 7-27.

Hope all is well with you. Sure hope you have a great day. talk soon friend. god bless.


Mocha Momma said...

Well you have been busily having fun. I'm glad it rained for the farms there. We need some rain too.

Our grass hasn't been this dry this early in a long time. I've been wanting to roast maeshmellows in the evening and we can't build a fire.

About latterboxing...the best source of info is Atlas Quest.

What we did was get a notebook and a rubber stamp and pens or an ink pad. Go to the website and search for letterboxes in your area. You'll be surprised where they are and how close they are to your home.

You make a copy of the clues for the letterbox you want to find. You go there and follow the clues.

When you find the letterbox (container) open it and find their rubber stamp. Stamp your book and date it and write any notes & the name of the letterbox. Take your stamp & stamp their little book & date and sign it. Return it to the spot you found it and cover again.

When you get home go to Atlas Quest and set up your profile and record any boxes you've found.

There are things to do on Atlas Quest too if you get more involved.

Thanks for your kind words again.

Check it out. I sure enjoy it.
Take care,