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Monday, June 29, 2009

OMGosh....Are You Serious?

For Kiddo's birthday, my friend Daisy and her daughters, Sunshine and Wild Flower, gave him a little hand-held game called 20 Questions and it is REALLY cool!!!! You think of an object, and it asks you 20 questions which you answer with, YES, NO, or SOMETIMES, and by the responses you give, it guesses what your object is. I have tried this about 10 times and it has only missed once, and that is because I answered one of the questions wrong. Next time, I will answer YES when it asks if my object (a match) burns!

Well, the other day, Kiddo picked it up again after a awhile and gave and was playing with it. He stood there, answered all the questions, and then said............

"DARN!! I don't know how it knew my answer. I whispered really softly so it wouldn't hear what I was saying!"

My response was....what else....OMGosh....are you serious? What else could I do but laugh!


Martha said...

Aw, kids are priceless!!! :) I love that game too, isn't it incredible?!?

I thank God for sending humour into our lives through kids, we're blessed!

E @ Scottsville said...

Ha ha ha, how cute!

I've played with those things before. They're pretty SMART if ya ask me!



Mocha Momma said...

That is a fun game. How funny!

Kids are here to fill us with joy.

My daughter makes me laugh quite often. I love it.

Good to see you again posting a comment. Thanks