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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Hubby Tag

"I am my beloved's and my bleloved is mine!"
Solomon 6:3

1. WHO IS YOUR MAN ? Skippy

2. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN TOGETHER? In November, we will celebrate our 22nd anniversary

3. HOW LONG DID YOU DATE? About 2 1/2 years

4. HOW OLD IS YOUR MAN? He will be celebrating his 41st birthday this year

5. WHO EATS MORE? ROFLOL! It's a tie!


7. WHO IS TALLER? I am! I stand 6'1", he is 5'11".

8. WHO SINGS BETTER? We both can sing, but together we sound BEAUTIFUL!

9.WHO IS SMARTER? Definitely, Skippy!

10. WHOSE TEMPER IS WORSE? He just has a shorter fuse than I, not a bad temper

11. WHO DOES THE LAUNDRY? I do most of it, but he makes the most of it!

12.WHO TAKES OUT THE GARBAGE? We both share in the responsibility of taking out the garbage. I take it OUT of the garbage can in the kitchen and put it by the back door, and he takes it OUT to the recycling center

13. WHO SLEEPS ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE BED? Is there a wrong side?

14.WHO PAYS THE BILLS? He does. I just remind him.......sometimes

15. WHO IS BETTER WITH THE COMPUTER? It really depends on what it is we are doing on it. We both have different talents in that area

16.WHO MOWS THE LAWN? I do. Thank God for my tractor!!!

17.WHO COOKS DINNER? I do most of the time unless I'm not home.......then they eat P I Z Z A!!!.

18. WHO DRIVES WHEN YOU'RE TOGETHER? He does, unless he has worked long hours and is tired

19. WHO PAYS WHEN YOU GO OUT? He does, of course! :D

20. WHO IS MOST STUBBORN? We both have our stubborn side, but I believe I am the most stubborn

21. WHO IS THE FIRST TO ADMIT WHEN THEY ARE WRONG? Neither...........we are both always right! :>)

22. WHOSE PARENTS DO YOU SEE THE MOST? Skippy's. Both of my parents have been Promoted to Glory!!!

23. WHO KISSED WHOM FIRST? Hmmm......I think it was he who kissed me first

24. WHO ASKED WHO OUT? Neither one, it just happened

25. WHO PROPOSED? Skippy proposed to me on Christmas morning at my Grandmother Foxy's house

26. WHO IS MORE SENSITIVE? Absolutely ME!!!

27. WHO HAS MORE FRIENDS? I do, although we have a lot of mutual friends.

28. WHO HAS MORE SIBLINGS? I do. I have 7 siblings, 4 sisters and 3 brothers, Skippy has 2 brothers

29. WHO WEARS THE PANTS IN THE FAMILY? Skippy wears the pants in the family. I just them out!!!!! ROFLOL! Just kidding!

30. HOW DID YOU MEET? We met when his mom and I worked together for The Salvation Army. I tried to fix him up with my sister. I WON!!!

Ok ladies, I tag........umm, lets see.........everyone on my friends list who would like to participate!



Hope said...

So, you have 7 siblings...so there were 8 of you, right? That is wonderful! Where in line did you come? I love large families.


Goose Hill Farm said...

Hi, Hope~

Thank you for stopping by! Yes, there were 8 of us and I am #7in the lineup. There are six of us remaining as our sister, Victoria, was "Promoted to Glory" back in 2002.


Martha said...

I love it! I cracked up reading your tag and I'll be posting mine soon, be sure to check it out. Thanks for giving me something to do LOL

Goose Hill Farm said...

Hey, Martha~

I'm always glad to help out a friend! :> )

Thank you for stopping by. I look forward to reading YOUR TAG!