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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Women's Ministry Tea Party

Yesterday, I attended our Women's Ministry Tea Party at our church. We were all asked to make a hat for the hat exchange. I love the color burgundy and am a flower nut, so I combined the two together.

This is what I started with..................

Hmmmm......should I add flowers all the way around the brim?

Yes, I should! :> )

And this is what I finished with. Don't you just LOVE IT? LOL I tried to win it back by "swiping it" on my turn, but it was quickly swiped away again. I believe it was exchanged three times before ending up with our Women's Ministry leader. She was so happy as that is the hat she wanted.

So, what do you think of my hat? I can't believe it only took me about 20 minutes. That is after I searched for 15 minutes trying to find the wire cutters to cut off the flowers.

This is my table that I hosted.

Isn't this flower arrangement they made beautiful?

I put together a few goodies for my table. I gave each lady a little boxed note pad and pencil, 3 different teas, a netted bag filled with chocolate covered tea cookies, and a handmade cinnamon scented mug mat.

Have you ever participated in a hat exchange? If so........leave me a comment with a link to your blog so we can come take a look!



Anonymous said...

Oh Laura that is so Georgous,

Goose Hill Farm said...

Thank you! I really fell in love with it. I am just going to have to make myself one that I can keep! :> )

Anonymous said...

:) Im not that talanted to put something that pretty together :)