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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What Was I Thinking?

My sister joined an exercise club/thingy called CURVES a couple of months ago. She has really enjoyed going. She has been very faithful and goes every morning after she drops Boog and Nemo off at school. After class, she usually goes to the library.

Now I love to be outside and walk and I have been exercising (although not by choice) during my physical therapy sessions, but the idea of going to a "gym" does NOT excite me like it does others. Now I know my sister was thinking of me and picked me up a free pass to go visit and use the equipment with her, and it was a very sweet gesture on her part. However, I hope that this is not her idea of bonding time, because I think it's going to do just the opposite! LOL

While she was over last night, she asked, "When are you planning on using your free pass?" (NEVER, went through my head real fast). "Umm.....whenever you want", I said. (I should have kept my mouth shut) "We'll go in the morning then," she said. "Be ready by 8:15!" :> O

Well, I guess I need to suck-it-up and put on my "fat" clothes and go work off some of this extra padding I have. All I have to say is................"WHAT WAS I THINKING?"


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lol funny pic