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Monday, May 25, 2009

OMGosh.....Are You Serious?!?!?

In between ironing material, blog-surfing, and breaking up the snarling and growling matches between Mollie, the fur baby we are watching, and our cats last night, I was chatting with my sweet friend, Renee. I asked if she saw the picture I had posted above my scalloped vadalia onion recipe. (it was a cute little pic of two onions turned upside with faces on them with their roots for hair) I went back to view my post to see if my brother had shown up and left a comment, and noticed that I had no sidebar. WHAT? There is no sidebar?

"RENEEEEEEEEE!!!!" my fat fingers typed, "What happend to my blog? My sidebar is gone. Wait a minute....not it's not. It's........ON THE BOTTOM?" Well, faster than I could say, "OMGosh, Skippy.....we're out of toilet paper!" Renee was over trying to help me figure out the problem. I looked at my layout, thinking maybe I had SOMEHOW moved the gadget boxes around, but everything was RIGHT WHERE IT SHOULD BE!

Well, for about 45 minutes to an hour (correct me if I'm wrong Renee) we tried using a new template, a new background, or trying this, or trying that, but every time, the result was still the same......sidebar on the bottom. Ok, by now I am REALLY starting to become frustrated. "Renee....is there some kind of customer service section on here? If not, I'm just going to leave it and go to bed. Maybe it's just a glitch on blogger and in the morning, everything will be back the way it should be."

"Hold on a minute", she said, "Let me look."

Well, this girl can find a "french fry" in a room full of hungry toddlers, I'm telling you! Within 30 seconds, not only did she find the help section, but she found a post that said..."HELP...my sidebar is on the bottom of my blog!" ROFLOL! Blog Queen Renee, to the rescue! LOL After reading the post, I was amazed to find out that something as simple as a code being too long (I didn't know that was possible) or a pic being too big, can make your sidebar move around on your blog. OMGosh.....Are You Serious?!?!?(insert look of utter amazement here)

So, back to my blog I go, determined now to figure out which code or pic was the culprit. First, I quickly scanned each post, looking for a picture that was obviously too big...nothing. Then I went back, starting with the most recent post, to look through the html code. Hmmmm.....wait a minute.......this problem didn't start until AFTER I posted my scalloped vadalia onion recipe. No.....it couldn't be.......THE ONION PIC? I immediately went back and deleted that adorable little picture and what do you know.........WAHOOO......MY SIDEBAR IS BACK! YES!!!!

I know that onions make me cry when I cut them....but I had NO IDEA how much onions would make me cry when I posted about them! ROFLOL!


P.S. I'm sorry, BLOGGER, for ever doubting that this problem COULD HAVE BEEN your fault!

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E @ Scottsville said...

Well, guess what ---- today of all days, she didn't host the Not Me Monday posts. Usually she does? I'm so sad!!! Maybe she'll post one later today. But when she does, she gets about 400 people that also do their "link" on her blog. So you'd be reading for days! ha ha ha

Oh well, maybe next week!