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Thursday, May 21, 2009

S is for Ssssssssssssnake!

Yesssssterday, my sssssweet friend Renee, posssssted about a "snake" being in her house, a crocheted one - ssssilly girl - and it reminded me of ssssomething. This ssssstory actually happend last year, but it was sssso funny I had to share it with you! Well, at least I think it was funny!

Thankssss, Renee! Love ya, girl! :> )

Last week, I was standing at the sink, doing the dinner dishes when Bean came running into the house.

Bean: "Where are the long handled tongs? Where are the long handled tongs? You know, the ones you grill with?"

Me: "Where do you think they are? They are right where they should be if you would just look........they are holding the kitchen window open, silly! What do you need them for?"

Bean: "Well, Dad is outside by the pool trying to get it ready to open, (yes, I know what the date is....but better late than never, right?) and he found a snake moving in the tall grass by his feet. But he needs something long to get it because it keeps striking at him."

Me: "OMGosh........" I said as I ran back to the kitchen window, grabbed the tongs, and gave them to Bean, and ran in the other room.

Bean: "Where are you going? Aren't you going to come out and help Dad?"

Me: "Are you crazy? It's a snake! I'm going to get the camera!" :> )


Bean and I looked it up on the internet and from what we could see, it looks like a Rat Snake, which it says, are non-poisonous.



Anonymous said...

rofl, Beats the time I actually found one in my dining room ,LOL talk about running and calling cops, LOL Jeffw as at work rofl

Goose Hill Farm said...

Did you really call the police? What did they do in that kind of circumstance?

homeschool101 said...

Your are cracking me up.. I prob would of done same thing just cause of their reaction had to be snapped in the moment.. LOL! Yipes but Yipes! a snake.. LOL! aaauuuuauuuuauuauuauaghgghghghghghgh!