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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Green Valley Book Fair

I am an avid reader and I thank God that he instilled a love of the written word, especially I used to read Dean Koontz and Patricia Cornwell, the Kay Scarpetta series. But I have recently gotten hooked on Christian fiction. I just finished reading "A Bride Most Begrudging" and I absolutely LOVED it! I have the next one, "The Measure of a Lady" on hold at the library and can't wait to get it.

The description of this book was taken from the web-site of the author,
Deeanne Gist.

"Any ship arriving from England means good news for Virginia.

Drew O’Connor isn’t stirred by news of a ship full of brides. Still broken-hearted from the loss of his beloved, he only wants a maid to tend his house and care for his young sister.

What he ends up with is a wife--a feisty red head who claims she is of noble birth, brought to America against her will. She constantly demands to be treated like an equal. She fails at even the simplest housekeeping.

Headstrong and intelligent, tempestuous but captivating, deeply moral but incredibly enticing, Constance turns what was supposed to be a marriage of convenience into something most inconvenient, indeed."

If you like to read Christian fiction, I highly recommend "A Bride Most Begrudging!"

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steve joj said...

Book fairs of this kind are very important and make them much larger and diffuse along with the importance of reading will make us doors to knowledge