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Monday, May 25, 2009

Feelin' Frugal

I have had a pair of curtains hanging in our bedroom window where our air conditioner sits for the longest time. They are waaaaay to long for the window PLUS, they looked HORRIBLE all bunched up on top so they wouldn't block the air coming in. I searched around for material that I thought would match the walls which are painted in Victorian Garnet, so I could make valances for the tops of each window. I was extremely unsuccessful in my quest until one day, when my sister, C. and I were out galavanting (a fancy term I use for yard sale hopping), I came across a set of matching pillow cases with a beautiful floral pattern that matched my walls for, get this..... .50 cents! That' right, folks FIFTY CENTS!!! You can't get much more "frugal" than that, huh?

"Ah, hah!" I said as put them under my arm and ran to pay for them before some other nut decided she wanted them. "Now I have you in my clutches and I shall NEVER let go, you hear me? NEVER LET GO! MWUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (insert maniacal laugh here) Ahem....sorry!

After we were done "galavanting" and returned home, I took them out, washed them up, took the seams out, ironed them, and then proceeded to.........put them......oh, dear.....where did I put those pillow cases?

After quite awhile of searching, I finally found them. So, today, I took down the ugly curtains above the window and made a make shift one using both of the cases. So what do you think? I really like the way they turned out! :> )



Anonymous said...

Those are cute

Goose Hill Farm said...

I think so too! :> )