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Saturday, May 23, 2009


Our family LOVES brewed sweet tea and I had normally in the past, boiled the tea on the stove. Everytime I would turn the burner on I would CrInGe. OMGosh....there has to be a cheaper way to do this then to run the electricity. That is when I started using the microwave, which is cheaper, but still uses electricity.

Well, when the cold weather came (yes, we drink sweet tea all year long), I started boiling the water on the top of our wood stove. AWESOME.....no electricity! Well, that was great while it was cold but now......I don't think I am going to build a fire in my wood stove each day just to make tea! LOL

Well, after doing a lot of thinking, I remembered that my sister, Vickie, used to make SUN TEA. Oh, yeah! That is PERFECT for this frugal female. So, for the past month or so, I have been making SWEET SUN TEA and I just LOVE IT!

Here is how I make SUN TEA:

In a gallon pitcher, I place 8 tea bags, 1 cup of sugar, and fill with hot water. Stir GENTLY, so you don't rip the tea bags. Then place your pitcher out in the sun for it to steep. I can't give you an exact time as people like their tea at different strengths. I keep mine out on the front porch for quite a few hours as we like ours a little on the strong side.

As the tea steeps, you can watch the color get darker from the top down. It really is cool to watch! Hmmmm......could this be a teachable moment on density? You betcha!


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